Happy Holidays from Confessions of a hairstylist

I did an extra special video with my family for you all, to let you all know I love you and to thank you for your support over the last year. It has truly been an honor that I have so many people coming back and checking out my hair blog and hair tutorials.
Happy Holidays from my family to yours!! 

Confessions of a Hairstylist by Jenny Strebe

A Few Things About Me | Christmas Edition

I have been blogging at Natural Hair Rules since October of 2008. And I realized I don’t share a lot about myself. You wouldn’t believe me but I’m somewhat shy. Just a little, though. I wanted to share some of my not natural hair related Christmas favorites!!! Please take the time to comment below with […]

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Holiday Faux Bob

As part of my holiday hair series, today’s tutorial is on a classy faux bob style. This style works well for mid to long lengths of hair and for anyone that is craving a bob look, without wanting to make the chop. Hope you like it, and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up!

Confessions of a Hairstylist by Jenny Strebe

Diagonal Dutch Braid

Ring: c/o rosieMADE (use coupon SAUCYrosie for $ 15 off a $ 50 order)

These days, braids are my favorite hairstyle. They take me just a minute or two to do, and then I’m usually able to sleep in them overnight and get to rock some killer crimped hair the next day.

I did this style the other day while sitting at my desk at work. It’s a Dutch braid that begins on the right side of my head and crosses diagonally in the back so it hangs down like a side left braid in the front.

It’s easy. It’s effortless. It’s chic. To see the style post that went with this braid, click here. 
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let your hair down

that’s it!

i can’t take it anymore. my hair is straight oo-gly. growing your hair out is the pits. why do people do it? for a pony tail?! yes…a thousand times yes, i want a pony tail. i want the ability to braid it and then let it out and twirl it around my finger.

all of this hair stress has really made me reconsider long hair. i looked dandy with a pixie, trust you me. so – what i’m going to do is go to mexico…. enjoy my thanksgiving…. look for inspiration to work with what i have …. and drink, HEAVILY. come on, it’s getting close to the holidays so let’s all let loose.

maybe if i wait a little bit longer, my bangs will be able to do this… i LOVE this super swept look

hate the lipstick… dig the hair

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Ombré to Brunette

Bracelet: c/o Outfit Additions (use code SAUCE for 15% off)

And… my 2-year long no-coloring-my-hair streak is over—I’m officially a brunette!

You may remember a year ago when Daniel wrote his one (and only) post on Aunie Sauce, and showed you a photo of me with brunette hair. Let’s just say that since he stumbled upon that photo, he’s been asking me with big puppy-dog eyes to go darker, and finally—I did it—though I let him pick the color… if I’m gonna do it, you bet I’m gonna do it right!

Of the 26 years I’ve been around, only about 1 of them has been enjoyed as a brunette (I’ve gone dark 3-times before… 3 short times), so here we go…here’s to new hair!

PS> My natural color? The top left photo’s roots! That’s 2-years of grow-out!
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lip service

man oh man.


it’s been a while, and for that, i do not apologize.

i was on vacation and it was a beautiful thing. and then i came back to a shit ton of work and it was a hideous, monstrous thing. but guess what, i did get a tan. ME? the whitest girl of them all, with a tan!

i got to whip out some of my “summer” lipsticks and give it another go for the winter. i’m sorry but some lipsticks just need a tan… others just need pale skin… but i dont subscribe to this “red heads can’t wear red” bullshit or “dark reds can wash you out” or “orange lipstick is halloweeny”. i think you need to play around with your lip hues to see what is best with your eyes and hair.

love a nude lip for winter. this is my new shizz. ps – this looks GA-reat on brunettes.

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(i’m sorry i have to say it. where are her nipples?)

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what up, shorty!


i ain’t scurred of it.

but it’s hard to work towards something and then accept that it might not be right for you. i was a long haired small town girl until i moved to chicago 6 years ago. then i found my style. i had no idea that i was not owning my style until my stylist helped me cut it off, it ALL off.

i played around a lot with the short do and then yearned for a pony. so the grow out began. to make it fun i cut it into a cut little asymmetrical hair cut. ladies (and gents) – if you want attention, get yo’self an asymmetrical hair cut!

where i was

where i am. here is my friend kiki

(psstt she got her hair style idea from beehive, no big whoop)

where i am, close up side.

so how’d it come about? oh man … quickly as i’m usually pretty quick to turn around an idea. so i thought to myself what do i love about my different hair styles. i LOVED my blunt bangs but i love not having anything on my neck so i did some digging.

i totally dig the 1920s bangs, i wanted to really push this into my next hair escapade

i love the soft slope of a 70s pixie! look at how perfect hers is? how could i modernize this?

the first idea was something like this; however, ive got a round face (still got my baby fat and then some!) so until i’m thin this is put on the backburner

then i got nervous about length. what was i doing? grow it out for a year just to cut it. maybe i should keep some length and do a modern halo?

and then i got my legs back after seeing an awesome neck like this!

and some funky attitude like this!

other ideas thrown around were:

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growing it out, takes hair-t

ive been a bad bad girl.

ive been tempted to cut the growth… and the temptation was too much. i cannot handle seeing a short cut and thinking that its perfection! all it took was one glance at a short haired chick on the bus and i had an appointment with my stylist. pics to come.

hair is like art. everyone has a style they like… complicated with lots of twists and turns or long and fringe like. i LIKE short hair. i look best with short hair, and honey, why WOULDN’T i have it? why would i work for something that is in style now without knowing if it will be in tomorrow. a good hair style never goes out of vogue (just like a wonderful piece of art).

what’s your hair art style?

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What My Hairstyle Says

My hair is always doing something different… wavy, braided, curly, twisted, or all slicked back & out of the way. The style always seems to match my mood. In honor of my brand new blonde-to-brunette hair change, I’ve compiled a fun little list of what my hair is “saying” on a given day.

My hairstyle says:

  1. All down & Hollywood curly: This took a long time so I must be going somewhere where I want to look goooooooood.
  2. Loose, messy braid: Let’s keep it low-maintenance & playful, this hairstyle is for the girls.
  3. French braid: Don’t pay attention to me today.
  4. Tight ballerina bun: I mean business.
  5. Messy bun: My hair is really dirty, I hope no one notices…
  6. Hat: My hair is really really dirty. I knew I should have washed it.
  7. Ponytail: Feelin’ sporty.
  8. Top knot: I am a blogger—take my photo. (Hence, the photo above… obviously).
  9. Pinned bump on top: I know my husband hates this, but it’s so convenient.
  10. Wet so it can air-dry: I just don’t care today.
  11. Side ponytail: Feelin’ sporty & chic.
  12. Updo: Must. Be. Fancy. Updo. Means. Fancy.
  13. All down & straight: Finally… just me & natural.

What does your hair say about you?
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Easy ways to style your hair for winter

As the winters are approaching near, everyone seems to be getting the perfect reason to try and change the normal rut of their daily routine. Everyone seems to be a little down with the cold but no one wants to leave even a single stone unturned to look good and get noticed. Looking good is all about being confident about what you are wearing, what you are carrying and how you are accessorizing. We can’t change how we look very often, but we can certainly change the way people look at us by experimenting with our lovely hair.

Hair is one such treasured gift of nature that can really make or break our personality and the way we look. So this winter, you must take a challenge and bring about a change in your hair style that is comfortable and interesting at the same time. Let me take you through various easy ways of styling your hair this winter:

  1. Grab the attention with the bangs

    To get the smoking hot look in this chilled winter, you need to experiment your hair with bangs. There are different kinds of bangs such as framing, blunt, short, side swept etc, that give an entirely new look to your old hairstyle and make you look bubbly and girly. So you must include it in your hair style this winter.

  2. Long wavy curled hair

    There was a time when girls used to spend hours curling their hair with rods to get those perfect tight curls. But this winter all you need to do is relax, because you just need to have relaxed curls that you can get by just a simple waving wand. It gives you a more comfy and trendy look that you wouldn’t have ever imagined.

  3. Side swept hair style

    One of the most feminine and ‘in’ looks this season. The best part about having this hairstyle is that it suits all face cuts and looks great on women of all ages. So don’t shy away from incorporating this new hairdo to your long, wavy, straight hair.

  4. High ponytail

    Winters are all about flaunting the best hair accessories and hats. So the best way to do it is tying your straight long hair in the form of high ponytail. This hairstyle works equally well for both professional and party look.

  5. Play with colors

    As the weather is chilled, you just need to add a little warmth to your hair and that you can do with dark hair colors. Copper and brown shades work best in this season by adding an extra volume to your lovely hair. You can even experiment with dark colored highlights to add a little funk to your hairstyle.

As winters are approaching you must take care of your hair to protect them from getting excessively dried. One should avoid using a blow drier whenever possible as it dries the hair further, leading to falling of hair. Secondly, try and cover your hair with a scarf while in the outdoors. Last but not the least, always use organic and natural products for hair care.

One of the best ways to get the hairstyle you want is to simply visit your local hair salon. If you're in the Birmingham area, visit Benessere, a lovely hairdressers in Bromsgrove at 68 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 0DD. Give them a call today on 01527878822 to book an appointment.